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Benefits of Black Pearl Jewelry

August 22nd, 2012 6:07 am

Pearls are normally having a natural color. For the convenience and for flair different colors are applied over the pearls, the colors add up the beauty of the pearls. Black pearl is a colored pearl which has a special beauty. Black is a color which absorbs all light rays. That is why black color differs form other colors .Black pearl jewellery will be a stand out one. It is a modern piece of wonder among jeweleries. Black pearl jewellery is catching the imagination of the people in a big way. When golden colored materials are arranged along with it, the black pearl jewellery looks exquisite.

Rings, anklets, neck laces, pendants, bracelets etc are some of the black pearl jewellery available for buying. Black pearl jewellery is suitable for wearing in certain occasions. It really suits people who are really fair as black is in sharp contrast to their body color. Black pearl pendants with diamond, silver supports are available. In certain watches black pearls are added in the chain to give aesthetic and charming look. These watches are more of a jewellery item.

Black pearl jewellery is suitable for weddings. There are black wedding or bridal jewellery collections targeting people who are marrying shortly. Black pearl rings are magical pieces for weddings. Gifting black pearl jewellery to your loved or dearer ones will be a really surprising for them. Every one believes red is the color of love and hence for proposing pink or red pearl or diamond is good. Those who are different , likes to try out new and refreshing ideas, black pearl jewellery is for you.

Black pearl jewellery has changed the conventional jewellery concepts. It has given daring designers a precious material to churn out stunning designs of jewellery. Now a day cultured pearls are widely used for black pearl jewellery. Pearl jewellery is available in its varieties, fresh water, saltwater as well as synthetic. Pearls from natural fresh water as well as the salt water pearls are valued more. Trends are set in black pearl section with arrival of numerous designers. Women are fonder of pearl jewellery and hence black pearl jewellery are finding place in hearts of women due to its beauty. Black pearl jeweleries are available in combinations like necklace and earrings so on. Black pearl jeweleries should be kept in silky pouches to keep it free from tear and wear. It will help in longevity of the jewellery and freshness.

Necklaces of black pearls are made more attractive with usage of silver, carbon and some other ribbons. Jewel houses have good collection of black pearls. In olden ages pearls were very precious than some of other precious stones. In this 21st century the price may have changed but the charm of the pearls are still appealing. Black pearl jewellery can make you look pleasant for any occasion.

Types of Precious Gemstones

July 12th, 2012 11:26 am

The most precious gemstone – Ruby

Out of all precious gemstones the most valued gemstone is Ruby. It is known as “king of all gems” for its unique qualities. Its vibrant red color is a sign of love and passion. It can be an amazing gift as well for your loved ones if embedded properly in jewelry form. There is a variety of jewelry such as earrings, engagement ring, necklaces, anklets, bracelets in which the rubies can be embedded. Ruby is the birthstone of July which means that people born in July should use Ruby for good fortune. It belongs to the Corundum family of minerals. The red form of corundum mineral is called as Ruby and all others are called Sapphires. Ruby has red color due to the chromium content in the mineral. Its hardness is pretty good. In terms of hardness it stands out to be the second hardest mineral after diamond. Its price is also high due to rare availability. All the gemstones like emerald and sapphires are readily available but rubies are less in number and hence rubies are priced so high. Ruby is ruled in Sun in the planetary system.

Precious Gemstone – Sapphires (Yellow and Blue)

Yellow Sapphire is well known as gemstone of Jupiter since it is ruled by the planet Jupiter. It has beautiful yellow color and come be embedded in various forms of jewelry. The person who wears yellow sapphire gets good fortune and problems get solved easily. It is believed that if the girl is not getting married then she is advised to wear yellow sapphire for marriage related problems. It brings both peace and prosperity in the life of wearer. If you want to know whether you have a real yellow sapphire simply follow following steps: Place the gemstone in milk for a day and if the color of the gemstone does not change it means that the yellow sapphire gemstone is a real one.

Blue Sapphire is ruled by the planet Saturn and hence called as gemstone of Saturn. Among all the gemstones blue sapphire is known for its instant effect on the wearer. If suitable it can be very profitable for the wearer. It is blue coloured gemstone which varies from light to darker shades according to the type of blue sapphire.

Precious Gemstone – Emerald

It is green variety of Beryl family of minerals. It is very rarely available in the market. The best variety of Emerald comes in deep green coloured. Colombia is the place where we find good quality Emerald gemstones. It is used to make the relations stronger especially in love matters. So gift your loved one or better half a ring embedded with Emerald gemstone. People having heart problems should use emerald with proper consultation.

Precious gemstone occurring naturally – Pearl

Pearl is another beautiful gemstone which is widely used in jewelry making. Pearls are found naturally in fresh water. Mostly women are noticed with pearl jewelry. Pearl gemstone is ruled by moon. It should be worn by people who are mentally disturbed or have memory problems. It is used to get a relief from disturbed life.

Other Precious Gemstones

Except for the ones listed above other precious gemstones are coral, hessonite, cat’s eye and alexandrite. Red coral is not a mineral, it is derived from a marine remains. It is similar to Pearl in terms of derivation. It represents Mars planet. Hessonite is used when the person has problems because of Rahu. Similarly, cat’s eye is used when problems are caused by Ketu. Alexandrite is a natural gemstone with unique ability of changing colors. It is highly used in Jewelry making.

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