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Tension Ring

A tension ring is a category of finger ring in which the ring itself works as the clamping for an inset gemstone. This is diverse from other modes of ring designs, where a jewel is detained atop the ring stem by spikes, a bezel or other artistic variations for mounting. A tension ring shows up as a single ring with remarkable fastening force, which is fasten on the jewel to clutch it steadily in place. Some rings, while promoted as a tension ring and even has the appearance of tension rings, in actual fact will have a bridge holding the ring collectively from beneath the jewel. These are not genuine examples of a tension type of setting in the ring.

It should also be renowned that the terminology "tension setting" is actually from the perception of raw physical science. The stone is not held in terms of pulling force commonly termed as tension but in fact in terms of a pressing force generally termed as “compression”.

A tension mode of setting in a ring is a very strong construct, this with all due respect for having undergone special alloying, hardening and other action processes to augment its strong point. When the ring is being prepared, the metal normally gold or platinum when working with diamond is cold-worked and heat treatment process of hardening is done before the actual setting of the gem, and then later heat-treated for further hardness once the gem is set in its tension setting.

The primitive Niessing tension setting ring was erected out of 18 karat gold (which handles a composition of pure gold 75% and other alloying metals content of 25%) and it totally weighed 35 grams. The composition of metals that was included in the 18 karat blend was non conventional jewelry metals, utilized to offer the ring much amplified strength than regular.

The tension setting ring usually provides you the glossiest appearance because the hindrance of the alloying metal used to hold the gemstone is very little, and literally nothing is seen. For more details on the different types of rings on offer log on to

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