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Jewelry articles
Enjoy the Sparkle of Pre-owned Diamonds
Tradition is to represent one’s love for another with a diamond, as there is good reason for this. The diamond is impossible to destroy, as is the love for your significant other. Diamonds are the absolute hardest element that we are aware of on Earth [...]

Tension Ring
A tension ring is a category of finger ring in which the ring itself works as the clamping for an inset gemstone. This is diverse from other modes of ring designs, where a jewel is detained atop the ring stem by spikes, a bezel or other artistic variations for mounting. A tension ring shows up as a single ring with remarkable fastening force, which is fasten on the jewel to clutch it steadily in place. Some rings, while promoted as a tension ring and even has the appearance of tension rings, in actual fact will have a bridge holding the ring collectively from beneath the jewel. These are not genuine examples of a tension type of setting in the ring [...]

Tips on Searching Out the Best Deals on Handmade Earrings Online
This is because, the last thing that you want is to pay for some handmade earrings online and have some cheap pieces of junk arrive at your door that are anything but handmade. Tip number one is to never buy anything online unless you have seen a crystal clear picture of it with an accurate description of the jewelry piece [...]

Tips for Shopping for Great Deals on Black Opal Jewellery Online
Because of their small size, high value and multiple variables that can effect their value, all types of jewelry including black opal jewelry can be subject to misrepresentation by their sellers. While the Internet does have its share of “rip and run” con artists that you have to always be on the look out for, there are in fact at the same time, progressive minded jewelers that understand the intrinsic value of a stellar reputation [...]

Mens and womens Diamond Wedding Rings
Old Meets New In Tacori Mens Wedding Rings
Mens wedding rings by the craftspeople of the Tacorian family typify the expression “old wine in new bottles.” Tacori engagement rings and other fine pieces of wedding jewelry – which include palladium wedding bands, celtic knot engagement rings and more – combine tradition and contemporary style in ways that are unique, yet difficult to appreciate unless one has actually seen them. The entire Tacori line of mens wedding rings and jewelry are one-of-a-kind pieces that represent the pinnacle of the [...]
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